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Many saddle makers and tree makers use the “Dennis Lane Card” system for the following reasons:-

Simplicity – This is by far the simplest, quickest and easiest method of any that we know of at this time. A complete set measurements of one horse can be achieved in a matter of minutes. All you need is a set of the cards and a pencil and paper to record your results.

Communication – The sizes that your horses measure, can be conveniently and quickly communicated over the phone or email to anyone else who is using the Dennis Lane Card system. There is no need to send drawings or castings of horse’s backs by mail. Reliable – The cards are more reliable and easier to use than the old “bend a piece of wire over the horse’s back” system

Comparable – Using this system, the measurements that you take has instantly provided a category or size number. This is comparable to other sizes, and you see how the other sizes compare. Back-maps and casts do not in themselves provide a size and are not easily compared against each other.

Economical – A one-off investment enables you measure and record and infinite number of horses. Unlike any of the casting type measure

Consistent – Due to the above advantages this system of measurements and numbers is being used by more and more saddle makers and saddle tree makers. This is leading towards a more consistent terminology throughout the industry

Plastic – The cards are made of UV stabilized plastic which also has the benefit of being water proof.

Used with permission by Dennis Lane.



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